Reminder for myself

Some things are out of my control, and sometimes people do inexplicable things. This is just a reminder to myself to keep on plugging away and to keep believing in myself, no matter what! Others may try to bring me down, but I will never doubt myself!    Advertisements

Speed bumps

  I want to be quite certain this blog doesn’t become an anthology of selective memories. I think it’s incredibly important, especially for myself, to keep an honest account of my growth as I keep chugging along. Today was a rough day. In fact, this has been a tough week. I’ve been grappling with a … More Speed bumps

NIAHD Week One

  Well, the first week here at NIAHD has certainly been an adventure for me, my colleagues, and the students in my care! NIAHD, or the National Institute of American History & Democracy, is a rigorous pre-collegiate summer history program here at the College of William & Mary. For three and a half weeks, I … More NIAHD Week One