Summer Update!

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While my blog is primarily intended for sharing stories from the classroom, I do want to chronicle some of my summer adventures!

For the last three weeks or so, I have enjoyed quality time with my family out in Bend, Oregon, where Mom & Dad recently retired. Bend’s beautiful scenery, including the majestic Cascades and vast evergreen forests, and cool mornings and evenings, offer a welcome respite from the oppressive Virginia summer heat.

Newberry Caldera, Deschutes National Forest

Since coming here, I have:

  • Played ping-pong with the national triathlon champion and Guinness World Record Holder for various athletic and sporting events (age group 80+)
  • Joined Dad at Bend’s Ping Pong Club for biweekly matches
  • Accompanied Mom to agility training with our three-year-old toy poodle, Marcus
  • Enjoyed wing night at JC’s Bar & Grill
  • Spotted a wild coyote while hiking Bend’s Smith Rock State Park
  • Listened to Mom perform with her public rock choir
  • Chatted with the former mayor of Bend about education while working out at the gym
  • Reveled in the spectacular views atop the Newberry Caldera in the Deschutes National Forest
  • Cooked some hearty meals at home
  • Played tennis with some local Bendites, as well as a man who recently moved from VA Beach, Virginia
Descending a peak at Smith Rock State Park

Tomorrow, I head to Seattle to play violin at my cousin’s wedding. We plan on staying in Seattle for about four days to spend time with family.

In early July, I return home to Williamsburg. Upon my arrival, I will have another four days to continue preparing for my apartment move, as well as my job as an RPA for William & Mary’s National Institute for American History & Democracy pre-collegiate summer program. I will essentially be a camp counselor, chaperone, and mentor to high school students interested in history. In addition to spending time with bright, inquisitive students, I will also be able to familiarize myself with a variety of local historical sites that could be useful in my future classroom. This program is three and a half weeks long, and will run essentially until I begin my official employee orientation with WJCC schools in mid-August. What a whirlwind!



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