Band Concert!

I know this is a picture of an orchestra, not a band, but…

Last night, I attended my first school concert as a teacher instead of as a student or a performer! I went with my cooperating teacher, Mrs. E, and we were both very excited to see some of our very own sixth graders perform.

When I arrived, I decided to pop my head into the cafeteria to see who was about to play. As I walked in, I was immediately surrounded by my students. Grinning from ear to ear, they began to jump up and down, wave, and call my name.

When I took my seat next to Mrs. E, she informed me that she had told them I would be attending that afternoon, and that they had become very excited. As the performers began to walk out onto the stage, I immediately began looking for familiar faces. It was so exciting to see them up there looking so grown up in their ties and pretty dresses!


I was particularly impressed by the sixth grade beginning band. Our band director told the audience that they had only met 10 times this year for less than 30 minutes. They performed standard repertoire, such as Mary Had a Little Lamb, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, and Hot Cross Buns, with confidence and poise (and a few squeaks here and there).

The jazz band was also phenomenal! Listening to the group reminded me of all the jazz music I heard while working at New England Music Camp up in Maine. Our middle schoolers even sounded better than some college bands!

When the concert ended, Mrs. E and I headed out into the hallway to greet our kids as they exited the auditorium. We gave plenty of hugs and congratulations. Most of them came up to us, beaming with pride, though a few of them acted like they didn’t know us, but that’s okay.

All in all, a wonderful evening. We saw a great concert, and I got to support my students outside of the classroom. Mrs. E also tells me that a bunch them want to come to my concert in February 🙂







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