A Special Teacher of Mine

Even though I’m pursuing an endorsement in social studies education, the person who actually inspired me to seriously consider a career in education was a math teacher. Mr. R was my tenth grade Algebra II w/ Trigonometry teacher.  He was elegant, well-spoken, incredibly intelligent, and above all else, he possessed an uncanny ability to motivate his students. Trust me … More A Special Teacher of Mine

Election Day

  On September 19, 1796, the American Daily Advertiser, also known as the Pennsylvania Packet,  published a letter most people refer to as George Washington’s Farewell Address. In this letter, President Washington announced his retirement from public office after two terms (and set a noteworthy precedent) and outlined the core beliefs and principles he hoped his nascent nation would … More Election Day

The Recipe for Success

So I was going to wait a while after writing my first blog post, but the one you are about to read basically explains why I want to be a teacher.  Through my observations and time teaching in the classroom thus far, I have concluded that one of the secrets to teaching is building meaningful relationships with students. That is, … More The Recipe for Success

“Why do you want to be a teacher? You’re wasting your talents”

This is my first blog post (yay, so exciting!), so I might as well address the uninformed, irritating-borderline-maddening, all-too-frequently posed questions and comments that I, along with every other teacher who aspires to be great, gets asked. Let’s get it OVER WITH! “Why do you want to be a teacher? You’re wasting your talents…” “Why … More “Why do you want to be a teacher? You’re wasting your talents”